Spitfire-Mr. Davis

Ben Davis | Graphic Designer

For as long as he can remember, Ben Davis has been fueled by a desire to create and a love for visual communication. As a result, becoming a designer was the perfect career choice. A native of Kentucky, Ben graduated from Western Kentucky University with a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design and a bachelor of arts in printmaking.

Along with a subtle sense of humor, Ben offers Spitifre clients an energetic design sense, a passion for texture and fine detail, and a love for white space. Ben is a talented illustrator and is often seen intensely sketching concepts throughout the day.

His many accomplishments include being awarded a University and College Designers Association Merit Award for a newsletter he designed for WKU’s music department. He’s also a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts and holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do – but don’t ask to see any moves.

When he’s not exercising his right brain skills on clients design needs, Ben enjoys drawing, making gig posters and the never-ending search for the perfect typeface.

    Mission Highlights

  • Hobbies: Drawing, video games and making gig posters
  • Favorite Food: anything Japanese and fresh baked bread
  • Favorite Band: depends on my mood – Snowden, Aphex Twin, Thomas Newman, or Nick Drake
  • Favorite Movie: Ratcatcher
  • First Car: 1985 Bronco II
  • Superhero power: Wonder Twins gophermote.
  • Childhood career choice: An astronaut. That is until I realized that it was the most unoriginal idea ever.
  • Pet peeve: People who throw trash out of their car windows.
  • Must-watch TV show: Six Feet Under and Robot Chicken
  • Favorite vacation spot: Seattle
  • Favorite movie quote: Detective John Kimble: “It’s not a tumor!” – Kindergarten Cop

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