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Entrepreneurship 101

Making money has a way of getting your attention. In computer class this year, students will be faced with many ways of making money. The class is broken down into 3 sections.  Within each section, students will create 3 basic models:  Sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.  Section 1 students create their partnerships.  This is a investment company that deals directly with buying and selling stocks.  To earn their business license student must pass a rigorous Stock Broker EXAM.  This is a two part exam.  Once they pass, they will be able to open business.  Their first customer will be their parents.  They will conduct analytical research and then in a written report home will report their findings.  It is a quick two week unit that the kids love.  At the very end, the team with the most earned profits for their customers will win a very nice prize.  More information can be found at our class website:  MrHames.org

In the second section of the class, students create a sole proprietorship.  They will have the chance to chose any business that they think they will enjoy working 90 – 100 hours a week.  Their assignment is to make as realistic of a website as possible.  They will use cutting technology like Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Office 2007 software to create their sites.  The top web sites will be posted on the Crews website for others to review ( MrHames.org ).

Finally, student will create a corporation in a “Sim” game called Virtual Business.  This simulation is great to teach some of the most basic components of business like pricing, promotion, purchasing, and people.  Student like the realism that the game brings and the direct head to head competition over the network.  Student will win prizes for the best profit in four different areas.  They will also write a report detailing the profits and loss in their company.

As stated in the syllabus, students will begin their study each day with 8 to 10 minutes of touch typing skill building exercises.  I require strict adherence to using the correct posture, finger position and no looking at hands while they type during this time frame.  On Fridays we work strictly on speed while maintaining good typing technique.

Students in the course get skilled very quickly using Office tools and web design techniques.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.



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