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Relationship Building verse Network Building

Okay, so you ask what is the difference between the two.  Easy!  One is focused on pure numbers and the other is laser centered on personal one to one partnership.  One never should think of building a network of friends for the sole purpose of simply having lots of friends.  Nowadays we judge people on Linkedin contacts or number of Facebook friends.  When will we learn that networking is so much more than passing out our business cards or resumes to hundreds of people or having over 500+ Linkedin connections?

Let’s make this easy.  Cultivating relationships or building a network will take two simple changes in your mindset.  Yes you will share contact information but the difference now is how you follow-up with the person.  You will call or set up a meeting with the person within a very short time period.  You will not wait weeks or months but a day or two or even that very day to connect with the other person in person or at least in a phone conversation.

Second, you will offer that person value at the meeting in return for meeting with you even if it is just a cup of coffee.  Returning the favor for them sharing their experience or insight is the least you can do for them.  Solid relationships are built on the premise it is a two way street and not just what can I get out of this relationship.  Much like a marriage it is thinking of the other person first that will gain you the most from the partnership.

Try contacting just one person a day for a week and see if they want to connect with you and then meet with them and invest your life in them.  Ask them how you can serve them.  You will be amazed at how you will grow your “network of friends” and maybe even cultivate a great relationship in return.