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Chapter 3: Use the Moment

Question:  Do you feel you create your circumstances or do your circumstances create you?  Why do you feel this way and explain the difference between both thought patterns?

Chapter 2: Attitude is Everything

  1. Tamecka Crawford made a significant change in her life by altering the way she saw life.  What do you think triggered this change and why do you suppose other people never come to this point in life?

Watch the video Part I from our guest speaker Mr. Diego Dodge

Success For Teens

Crews Book Study:  Success for Teens
This book will dramatically improve the level of success of any teenager on their road to adulthood.
A sample of what’s covered in the book:
Success for Teens will show Teenagers that success is not about smarts, looks, or luck. It’s about becoming the best possible person they can be and making the most of their talents and opportunities. By understanding and applying the slight edge philosophy, they’ll learn the time-tested principles for excelling in all areas of their life: Time Management, Goal-Setting, Self-esteem, dream-building, self-motivation, habits and purpose.
In this book study we will take one chapter a week and discuss the contents of the book as well as blog about what you are learning.  I hope you can really learn from some of the truths that it has to offer.  Tell me what your first impression are about reading this book?  Have you ever read a book like it before?
KEY QUESTION:  CHAPTER 1 (Use the Leave a Comment Link at the top of this post to answer the following 2 questions)
  1. Jesselin Rodriguez is not unlike many students.  How would you have handled the problems she faced?
  2. Write one question that you would like the author to answer about Chapter 1.
Finally, be sure to answer all question on pages 16, 17 and 18 using the space provided in your book.  This will not be taken up each week but will be periodically checked to see that you are journaling your thoughts and answers to the questions.
NOTE:  All questions must be answered by 12 midnight on Sunday night.  No exceptions.  Also feel free to make comments on what others have written.  Remember, if you do not have the Internet at home, you must answer this question on a sheet of paper and turn in first thing Monday morning or earlier.